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  • hey!!!

    hey im michelle.... my friends are amazing I just wanted to point that out. Second, my dad SUCKS butt.... needed to get that off my chest.... Third Softball is my life, i love it way better than track..... fourth... mess with me your messing with brainerd (so dont do it) i can be nice as long as you are respectful... if your not dont expect for me to be respectful to you... thats the way i roll.... my family is amazing (cynthia kelsey perry mary auntie dawn tammy matt) :) i love you all.... cynthia i miss you are you having fun???? kelsey... life sux but i love you anywayz!! lol! :) i cried :) all day today cuz my baby left me but that will change i no he loves me..... love you baby......

    Me!! :) :)