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male - 27 years, sheffield, United Kingdom
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alright people im tom aka skuby im 5ft 11" live in north anston and go wales high!
lvin the single life atm but if any1 wants 2 chat add mi on msn!!!!

Name: tom aka skuby
Birthday: 3rd of september
Current Location: anston, nr sheffield
Eye colour: Blue/greenish
Hair Colour : Light brown, blonde high lights
Height : 5 ft 11"
Right or left handed : Right
The Shoes you wore today: nike air max
Your most overused phrase on an instant messenger : on msn-kl, k, lo l
Thoughts first waking up : That i need to go back to bed
Your best physical feature : legs
Pepsi or coke : Gotta b coke
Do you swear : Sometimes
Do you sing: my shower hed is my best friend
Do you shower daily: Yes
Do want to get married: One day
Do you believe in yourself : Sometimes
Do you get motion sickness: No
Do you think you are attractive: I fink im ok
Do you get along with your parents: Yes
Do you play an instrument: No
In the past month have you …

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Tom Skubala
Date of birth
sheffield (North Yorkshire)
United Kingdom
Native language
cyclist (Student)
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  • Relationship
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I fancy
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hey, jst a wee message to say thanx for droppin by!


posted by InsaneGirl
30 April 2007

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