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LRT/Universal recording artist Siccness was raised in Orange County, California in the cities of Santa Ana & Tustin, and at a young age fought his way through adversities that shape the man that he has become today. Siccness lost his father to a homicide when he was only 9 years old and soon had to take over the role as man of the house. Family, especially his daughter, is what drives Siccness to achieve success.

Because of the inspiration of hip-hop greats like 2pac, Scarface, Eminem, Big Pun, & many more, Siccness fell in love with hip-hop music. Although Siccness knows people from all over and has many acquaintances, few people get to know the real Siccness, which is best seen through his music. In 2006 Siccness started to make a name for himself with the release of his first street album titled “Here I Come”. And In 2008, Siccness built an even bigger buzz with his second street album which was titled “The Orange County Zoo”.

In 2010 Siccness established his …

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