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male - 28 years, upton, United States
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im a revolutionary, i study theology philosphy history and politics on my own so i can get my own thought and not someone else's

but i am looking for someone to love because life is lonely especialy when your me and when we do look deep down love is the one emotion a human cant go to long witout before going crazy

me im gothic at heart i think in a gothic way and i love things that are gothic finding light in the dark is really beutiful to me when you think about it religion hates goths because they see the truth though i am a beliver i do not belive in organized religion for the belife never hurt anyone but the religion has, thats the reason alot of pepole will never belive because most pepole have been stung by religion what ever it be ,me included, i have plenty of war wounds all though im not even 21 yet, yeah when i do walk into a church i get weird looks i have got are you a satanist before,im not,but oh well its not about how i look i dress normaly about half the time …

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joseph joe
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United States
philosper (Student)
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philosphy thoeolgy history politics welding mechanic work computers some more things
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