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female - 28 years, Temple Hills, United States
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General Longest Survey Ever!
About You
Full (legal) name::: Toni Owens
Name you go by::: Jenea
Pet name::: Toni Woni
Age::: 16 (almost)
Birthday::: October 24
Birthplace::: South East D.C.
Zodiac sign::: Scorpio
Gender::: Female (of course)
Height::: 5'3
Natural hair color::: brown
Current hair color::: black
Eye color::: brown
Lefty, righty, or ambidextrous::: righty
Glasses/contacts::: neither
Braces::: nope
Piercings::: 4
Tattoos::: not yet
Current location::: boring ass Maryland
Color?:: baby blue
Band?:: Jagged Edge
Song?:: Joy Ride
Stuffed animal?:: Stewie
Video games?:: Crazy Taxi
TV show?:: Wid n' Out
Movie?:: Clueless
Book?:: I know why the Caged bird sings
Comic?:: Superman
Food?:: panda express
Ice cream?:: cookies n cream
Soda?:: sprite
Cereal?:: Fruitty Pebbles
Game on cell phone?:: Snake
CD cover?:: Omarion's
Flower?:: Roses
Scent?:: Love Spell … being in love::: that's how i feel now
If so, with who::: Rell
Are you single::: no
Are you in a relationship::: yea
If so, for how long::: a month
Do you believe there is some one for every one::: yea
What is your idea of a perfect date::: dinner and a movie
What was your first kiss like::: it was intense and i didn't kno wat i was doin
When was it and who gave it::: in da summer b4 ma first yr of high school...Romelle
How old were you::: 13
Do you think love is a load of crap::: no
If you're single, have you had a girl/boy friend in the past::: yea of course
Have you been dumped::: never
Have you ever dumped some one::: all the time
Word Association
Slippers: feet
Hat: head
Hard: dick
Free: spirit
Space: stars
Taste: tongue
Good Charlotte: punk
Red: blue
Deep: hole
Heart: love
Cord: long
Rain: wet
Work: lazy
Pedal: metal
Head: oral
Bed: sleep
Fluff: puff
Hardcore: …

More about me
Bubblez Williams
Date of birth
Temple Hills (Maryland)
United States
Looking for
  • Relationship
talkin on da fone, chillin wif nigg@z and ma cuzzins, watchin t.v., writin poetry,story, and songs and listenin to music
Love status
I fancy

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hello i saw tht it is your birthday today and i just stop by and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! may ur day be full of love & happiness.

posted by skitab5201
24 October 2011

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