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Blog / The best way to Achieve Perfect Eyesight

Monday, 26 March 2012 at 17:34

Your eyes never just exist independently. They act as a part of an entirety - the full and entire you exerting and receiving a powerful influence on and from the intellect and body.

All parts of the visual system - the eyes, the muscles around and in the eyes, the sensory pathways to the brain along with the image centres of the mind; have to function as part of a whole instead of one piece at a time, and for this reason demand much complete focus to supply the best functioning. Since it functions in this way it is quickly left open to harm and influence by lethargy and tension, whether or not it is mental, bodily or emotive. Nutritional standards also play an important role in determining the functioning of your visual system.

Taking the above into account, an approach to eyesight enhancement through learning how to improve eyesight naturally involves the following:

1. Physical seeing
2. Inner eyesight
3. Emotional seeing

1. Physical eyesight involves more than just 20/20 vision. The act of physically visualizing an object involves three distinct skills:

Initially, it is your mind that chooses what it actually wishes to see from its entire visual field. This poses as the initial physical skill - peripheral awareness

Second, your mind commands the eyes to look at or to converge on the object. This is the next step - Convergence or Binocularity

After this, your eyes take action through specific muscular contractions that allow you to achieve a state of clear focus. Skill 3 - The act of focusing itself

In addition, the muscles in and around the eyes must be relaxed, toned and flexible.

Any of the above 3 skills can be affected by tension and imbalance. This can lead to a barrage of different problems, including difficulty in focusing.. Some of these difficulties might include: inability to quickly change focus form distance to near vision, nausea and headaches.

2. Inner vision is the Mind’s Eye in all its different aspects: imagination, visualization, memory, dreams and attitudes. When you improve your inner vision, you will find yourself having a much more live and vivid imagination, with an improved ability to visualize things. In general, you will be able to see and intepret things more clearly, so your ability to see things in a positive light will improve. You very attitudes about who you feel you are and what you deserve can change, simply by taking control of the images you place in your mind.

3. Emotional seeing speaks about our recognition of the eyes as both a way to express how we feel and a way to connect to other people. The eyes are so often called “the windows of the soul”; Better Vision is a way to heal, clarify and open these windows, enabling you to make more fulfilling connections with others.

Two important factors that are involved in poor vision include stress/tension and the acquiring of harmful visual habits over time. Eye twitching, dry eyes, lazy eye and myopia are but a few of the many conditions that can result from stress and improper visual habits.

Glasses and contacts treat the symptoms of poor vision very effectively: when you put them on you temporarily get rid of poor vision. However they do not attack the root cause of the problem. What happens instead is you end up going to your optician on a regular basis to get more powerful grades of glasses/contacts to accommodate for your worsening vision.

Natural visual enhancement can help you to improve your vision so you either need thinner glasses or can even throw your glasses away completely. What you need to do, is to address and repair those poor visual habits so you can allow your eyes to function as they once did when you were young and likely blessed with perfect sight. The following article will show you how to do exactly that: Eye Exercises to Improve Vision.



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