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male - 42 years, Mukah, Malaysia
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13 November 2011


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    usmanablah 22 June 2013



    i am Mrs Amina Usman a widow the wife of one of the military defectors that was killed in Syria by

    the government force my late husband made me know before he died that he deposited the sum

    of 6.5Million dollars at British high commission security storage room in Malaysia for safety keeping

    because of the war going on now I lost my two out three sons now, I need a foreign beneficiary

    I can trust as partner who will not betray me that will assist me to invest this fund for me in any

    profitable business venture of your choice in your country as my foreign partner,

    and will also bear your name as well, once this fund is transfer to your account, I'm also begging you

    to take care of my son that is left with me even if i die here in Syria, please don't forget I will give you

    40% of the total money for the help and assistance you offered to me once you have receive the money,

    please do not under estimate my request if you can be of any help of transferring, Please kindly get back

    to me with your information below....

    Your Full Name....
    Your full Address....
    Your phone Number....
    Your Bank Account details...
    Your passport or ID Card....

    through my E-mail / to enable me forward it

    to British high commission security officer in Malaysia I look forward reading from you.

    Mrs Amina Usman.