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  • Finally

    I'm finally 17 years old well I'm going to work now so dont have anything else to say

  • school

    well I don't have anything to say but that I'm going to class in i hour but I'm really bored at school theres nothing to do here in iceland I can't wait to be 18 years old so I can move away from Iceland got2go

  • Driving:)

    well yesterday was fun I went driving that was great I just love driving well I'm at school now so I can't blog very much now so bye

  • Working

    well I'm at work now but done soon so I can go home and study for all my tests :) well I didn't have anything to do so I just started to blog. Well There is a dance coming up at school and I bought a dress and alot of other stuff for it. Well I'm done working in half an hour so good bye and good night :)

  • Icelandic school sucks

    Well I'm in the most horrible school in Iceland and I hate my school well I'm going in english class later today and then I'm done at school well I have no idea what I'm going to do to day except for study for exams that are in next week :) well I think this is enough for now

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