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Friday, 12 January 2007 at 23:38

right well im sat here alone with only a tub of ice cream for company and im thinking how shit my life is. but saying that, im not concidering that compared to people starving in africa or dying on mountain expaditions, my life and problems seem pathetic.
kaths back with mark again, dont know what the hell she's thinking. hes trying to stop her from taking me on holiday, fuck that i haven't been on holiday for years and he aint going to spoilt the plans. lol. im pretty bored actually, im thinking about what im going to buy for when i go away, going to have to get jay to come shopping with me before i go. so people i wont be at school the end of april lol well, saying that i probably wont even end up going. you all know what my family are like. aka idiots, they say one thing and mean another. it totally pisses me off. its like the amount of times ive asked my mum if i can stay at jays or at jays dads and shes said yea but changed her mind at the last minute just because my dad says no. aaargh! well its almost my 15th birthday as well!!!! was going to have a party but its the weekend and noone would turn up any way so my mum said shes going to take me to telford to go shopping on the saturday and the sunday shes going to let me go bowling/lazer quest with mates if i want to. could be quite cool. lol well im off coz my hands are aching and i cant be assed to stare at the computer screen for much longer, its hurting my eyes if im perfectly honest
much love to all the people who are actually my real friends not two faced liars like sarah shea but im not naming names
much love sam xxx
ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SOFI, JAY, ME AND KEL FOR THE 13TH 22ND 25TH AND 27TH OF FEBRUARY lmao!!!! aquarian and pisceans all together lol! love you all! xxx :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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