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female - 25 years, shrewsbury, United Kingdom
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hehe im bubbly n always up 4 a laf. :) i got blondish hair n blue eyes n am in looooooove wit mark beale!!!!!! :) hes soooo cute n i lv him 2 bits lol es got blonde hair n blue eyes yumyumyum :) i lv goin out 2 "discos" (liquid n buttermarket shit lyk dat) n i lv hangin rwnd da streets wit mark! lol :)

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sam preston
Date of birth
shrewsbury (Shropshire)
United Kingdom
pupil lol (Student)
sports, shopping, making stuff loads really
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In love
I fancy

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random xxx

right well im sat here alone with only a tub of ice cream for company and im thinking how shit my life is. but saying that, im not concidering that compared to people starving in africa or dying on mountain expaditions, my life and problems seem …

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