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female - 32 years, bridgwater, United Kingdom
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hey im sam :) im 21 years old and i have a daughter, im a happy kinda person , like to meet new people and love to go out with mates :)
i hate spiders man they scare the shit out of me aarrrhhhh :)

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samantha guy-gibbens
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bridgwater (Somerset)
United Kingdom
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full time mum (Other)
drinking, reading, sex lol haha
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I'm not telling you anything
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Hey there, thanks for the add :@) pop in any time for a chat

posted by markandbrandon
18 February 2010

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No GuYs ArE wOrTh TeArS

no guys worth your tears , and the 1 that is wont make u cry !!!!!!W
*Kiss on the stomach-----"lets do it!
*Kiss on the Forehead ---"i hope were together forever!
*Kiss on the Ear ---"Im horny!
*Kiss on the Cheek …

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