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Hello, I am a mother of 6, grandmother of 15, great-grandmother of four. My second book Jadyn and Rojo the Red Alligator has been published and just released. It is a fiction for children. My first book titled "Ruth Minerva" was published in December, 2009.. I love writing, to communicate with others and be able to reach people who have had the same or similar experiences that Ruth Minerva lived. Making my dream come true by having my book published, has been my greatest achievement. I am now writing on line Novellas at blogspot.com. I am NOT interested in dating, I am happilymarried.

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Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
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I want to remind all of you looking for a relationship, that I am happily married and I am not interested in finding relationships. Furthermore, I am not into women I am NOT gay. Please look at my profile, it says married.

posted by ruthmagm
26 December 2012

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Invisible Senior

Hey! I’m here, doesn’t anyone see me? No one hears me, yet I am in the middle. I talk, no one listens, no one pays mind, am I invisible? Now I know that I am not being loud or obnoxious. Hmmm, I wonder. The music is on, since no one takes me out …

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