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Thursday, 3 May 2012 at 08:56

Do you wish to stay in shape and strong? Of course, the answer to this inquiry is apparent as most of us will immediately give a yes answer to this question. However, one fact that makes us some times to lose interest in keeping ourselves healthy and fit is that we need cash in order to do this task.

If you are a health-buff person who want to be fit without going to any gyms, this post has prepared the essential information that will help you to achieve your goal.

The following from african mango diet reviews are the 10 best exercises you can do without belonging to a gym:

1. Push-ups—do this every morning upon waking up and you will see a tremendous result in few months.

2. Squats—most men are familiar with this exercise, since they used to do it during their school years.

3. Lying hip extensions—learning this workout is easy, since you can ask your friends and relatives to teach you of doing it.

4. Brisk walking—the most accessible workout that you can do every day is walking. There are several reliable studies that would show you the huge benefits of regular walking.

5. Step –ups—this exercise can be performed by anyone regardless the place he is into.

6. Forward lunges—this is a fun workout especially if you will do it together with your friends.

7. 1 leg squat—this exercise can be learned easily even without asking others, since you can find its instruction in numerous sites today.

8. Rebounding—all you got to do is to purchase your own mini trampoline to be able to do this work out even inside your comfort zone.

9. Crunches—the popular home exercise that can build those 6 pack-abs.

10. Yoga—another popular workout that most people are into these days. There are lots of books that would teach you the right ways of doing this workout and have its full benefits.

The above workouts are all tried and tested in enabling you to achieve your goal of staying fit and healthy.


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