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Robert Donald Tonelli is the Published Author of the book, called Science of Spirit, Lost Keys to the Kingdom of heaven... on Earth... and a researcher/ Spiritual Coach for Neurotech:Science of Spirit Welness which has been in business researching health… nutrition and spiritual matters since 1992 and has produced 10 research reports. Can be viewed at www.newscienceofspirit.ca
Neurotech Research studies the Mind, Body and Spirit of People on a Spiritual Path... Offering solutions to the modern day traps we find ourselves in... Wellness based on Electrical Nutrition & Vibrational Medicine to live a drug free, electrifying, life beyond disease at a new level of consciousness beyond 200 years.
Events Promotions, Lectures, & Seminars on Wellness in the Electric Body, Mind & Spirit of Conscious People... Through Technology enhanced Stress Management, New advances in Stem-cell Nutrition & Ancient Meditation... Life is an Electrical Affair with Spirit.

The Book is …

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19 January 2012

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Beyond the Secret, the Power of Now, Is Science …

Science of Spirit Wellness

This is an introduction to the Science of Spirit, Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth… an ancient philosophy that opens the door to a great unknown history of the “Evolution of Consciousness… the hidden Evolution of Spirit in the human being”… research going back more than 10,000 years.

It shows that all life on planet Earth and in the universe is based on an Evolution of Consciousness from the beginning of time… the Big Bang. Consciousness is the very fabric that all form is made of and is the ground of all beingness of life... It clarifies the connectedness of all life with Science and to Spirit. Readers will see that "the consciousness and the energy that makes up matter" are inextricably combined or linked, emerging in a sequence of events called “occasions of experience” that ultimately create our experiences in life and our reality. The universe is a …

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Freedom of the Spiritual Warrior from Human …

Socrates used to say, “The opinions of the masses are as foolish as children’s monsters”.

The Keys to Creating Reality

As we have seen so far in society these days in the 21 century… we are living in a highly chaotic world that … chaos increases in society today now is the time to learn the ways of these Spiritual Warriors and use their wisdom so that we may conquer and free ourselves from the domestication program we find ourselves in and overcome our “crisis of … enjoying the highest honors that man might expect to attain in this world. He certainly was in a position to speak intelligently concerning these matters, and his opinions ought to have weight with New Spiritual Warriors. He would write in his … warrior, or a clown. However, the clarity for which he has paid so dearly will never change to darkness and fear again. He will be clear as long as he lives, but he will no longer learn, or yearn for anything. Many of society’s leaders are made … we either, “will into realityourselves” or that we “accept as our own… out of ignorance” from society. Ultimately, in the most basic sense, the purpose of life is BEING in contrast to DOING. The real essence of you is Spirit, you are not … found fame and riches, and were happy. Then ask yourself, “Where are they now?” It is nothing but smoke and ashes and memories. The Spiritual Warrior realizes how foolish it is to strive after worldly things. It is a great deal wiser to simply
… adapt itself to whatever may
happen. For it requires nothing, and always moves toward its higher purpose.

■We seek quiet in the country, at the seashore, and in the mountains… but true quiet is found within. Whenever we choose, we can …

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