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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 at 07:07

You certainly have tried coconuts - you look at them on palm trees, at the grocery store, and all you know is that they use them in candy bars and they're extremely hard to break open.

On the other hand, did you understand that they’re also great sources of very powerful and useful oils? That's right, coconut oil is expanding in popularity as a health potion as well as a cooking oil. The fatty acid that makes coconut oil so special - lauric acid - has been proven to produce nice amounts of health benefits in things such as skin, hair, nails, as well as your cardiovascular system.

How is coconut oil utilized? Well, there are many techniques. Method 1 is by simply rubbing it on/applying it to the the area giving it trouble - be it skin, hair, or nails. This is the fastest and most effective way for improving the health of those things in particular.

Dr. Oz has broadcasted coconut oil on his show on television, which only further exemplified the efficacy of this product. He explained, in his simplistic scientific wording, just what it even does and why it even works in the first place, which is how I came to discover pure coconut oil in the first place. If you want to check it out, take a look at this youtube video:

If you're looking for the health benefits it gives to your insides - your heart, arteries, cholesterol, etc - then you shall either want to serve your eggs in it, or even better, take it in pill form like fish oil. Coconut oil pills are very easy to consume and deliver the nutrients straight to your body, unlike eating it which weakens the effect since it’s mixed with food.

If you are starting to believe coconut oil is for you, then take a gander at your local health food vendors as well as online merchants to see if you can find coconut oil. It’s not a rare commodity currently, so you won’t have any amount of difficulty coming upon what you need. Personally I would suggest that you buy both the pills and pure coconut oil, so you are sure to get the benefits of rubbing it on your skin as well as taking it internally.

What are the Dangers Associated with Taking Coconut Oil?

Really, there are not any dangers when it comes to using coconut oil. It’s more or less pure fat, and although the FDA and government would see to it that you to think that all fat is the devil, in reality, fat is really good for you. Who would have guessed taking into consideration that your body is composed of and utilizes so much fat?

Anyway, while you certainly should not drench all of the food you consume in coconut oil because you’re under the impression that it will make you healthier, if you use it reasonably you will see no side effects on your health.

Is Coconut Oil Actually a Potential Alzheimer’s Treatment?

A recent breakthrough in the community of scientists has found some interesting data that shows that coconut oil (when used with a low carbohydrate diet) may treat or reverse Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s makes it impossible for the brain to process glucose, which will ultimately cause the decomposition of brain tissue. The great news is that the brain can work around this problem and use a different fuel source named ketones – and wouldn’t you guess it, coconut oil is very rich in these ketones.



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