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  • Google SERP Explained

    If you've been on the web long you've probably noticed the words "page rank" or "PR" a minimum of in passing. You could possibly had better things to do than worry about mathematical equations, i certainly don't pin the consequence on you for that. To the same reason, I'm going to leave the Google SERP Explained in the past process up to individuals like Ian Rogers on WebWorkshop.

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    As an alternative, I'd like to look at the straight up benefits of having a good page rank.


    Let's pretend someone read one of the articles, liked that enough to visit your website, liked your website adequate to sign up for your e-zine and then discovered that you experienced a PR0. They know ample about Google Public relations to know that PR10 will be next to divine although PR0 is certainly not. No matter what these people thought of your website, they've got discovered a good reason not to ever believe what they thought was true which in turn knocks the relevance of your website down a notch or two or maybe more.

    Right now let's say that same situation took place but they identified your website was what about a PR5 or higher. Perhaps even a new PR8. Do you think this will affect their desire to be a component of your website? Of course it is going to, especially if your website is centered on any particular market of Internet Marketing.


    Are you aware that there are individuals with websites that will pay out handsomely for putting his or her link on your internet site? Probably not if you've never had a PR6, 7, or perhaps 8. Those same men and women will not be highly enthusiastic to pay you regarding linking when your limited to a PR2 or more painful.

    Linking to someone else's internet site from your high pagerank URL is distinct money that you can decide on the bank. Not as soon as. Not twice. Nevertheless month after month after 30 days. Depending on your Page rank level (the higher the much better) you can make as much as $100 30 days or more.

    Just be sure that you simply link only with remarkably relevant sites within your niche. preferably versions that at least have a very PR2 or better site in their own right.

    The reason the interested in paying for a hyperlink to your high Page rank website is because they see the value connecting with high ranking internet websites. If they do it right, the price of paying for such rights can be quickly come back through greater world-wide-web exposure.


    Maybe this is the most important reason for all.

    Have you done your blog correctly?

    Should you throw it out and start all over again?

    If it's been A couple of years and you still have a PR0, restoration you should. However, if you learn a PR2 on your internet site after only 4 weeks, then you can be personal assured that you are proceeding in the right course. Positive reinforcement helps keep you going whenever you feel like throwing within the towel.


    For that reason, next time you ponder if its worth it being concerned about your Public relations level just remember...

    For sure you will agree beside me that having Google SERP Explained with these terms might be more than worth it.

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