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Saturday, 30 June 2012 at 07:24

Body is better, we are looking for a shortcut. Some of the black market for steroids, but most of them want to find. Clever way to gain confidence in the muscle, I found out it is a fast fiber vibration training. If the size and power will help to burn fat gain or even a factor. But before revealing the secret, let's get one thing clear: there is a quick stir to increase the amount of fiber can help, that there is nothing. This is a genetic thing. But what can you take part in the fate. My advice would be to imagine, and right now to get more muscular. And the best: as soon as possible.

Your high-speed fiber vibration test

Fast twitch fibers can activate one of two ways: a very fast increase of the heavy or light loading. High-speed fiber vibrations, the following test to determine your interest. As a result, how training will tell you to move faster.

Step 1

After 5 minutes of rest, and find out what the secondary maximum bench press.

How to calculate the maximum return?

Muscle Gaining Secrets:The first asks you to help someone. You can lift the most times (the maximum return, or what is referred to as 1 RM), I think that is a weight 1/2 to begin with. Make five or six representatives with perfect execution. Then put 10% more weight, but there are few results. 2 minutes of rest. You are an estimated 90% of 1RM training to repeat this procedure. 3 to 5 minutes of rest and try to assess the maximum return. If you have success, it is true 1RM. If you find a very easy, use 90% of the weight, add 10% of estimated 1RM.

Step 2

(Maximum of 90 pounds, a 40-kg starts.) 45% of the maximum return from a weight. Please try again in 5 seconds 5.

Step 3

If you, 1 and 2 minutes and test, and between 5% weight loading of more than 10 times to the present. They can not take 5 seconds to 5 of 5 and 10% among continues to grow.

Step 4

Fast twitch fibers in your calculation: the maximum weight of a maximum of 5 seconds to return. In 5 to 60 pounds and a maximum of 100, you have a 60% rate.

Training Program

Now the ratio of high-speed fiber vibrations that you, select one of the following on a daily basis and consistent day, at least twice a week to this. The same number (1A and 1B, for example), alternating with all aspects of training for each game. Next, go out. The minimum number of repetitions you can at least take the weight.

Barbell Bench Press

However, a little more than lie on the bench with your back shoulder to shoulder most of the palm of hand and grab bar. Open arms with the bar above your Muscle Gaining Secrets ebook. I put the bar down and back to the starting position.

Rowing with the main oil-free high-pulley

Palm facing down, to keep your hands shoulder width of the machine with the bar Sit down. Place in the 300 back into a corner. Without the burden of movement, chest, take on the bar. Time and returns to the starting position.

The growth of media weight

Select 300 for the machine. Lie on your back and shoulders the weight off your arms. Download them to your shoulder. Back position.

Barbell rows

Take two weights, parallel to the ground, bend the legsto bend back. Weights on the back of his palm in front of a vertical, put down your weapons. Elbows to the sides and bend to the weight. For a moment and re-install.


High pulley rope, cable station to grab the curved end of each hand. You step back a few steps up to the arms extended. Flush with their hands over the ears, the eyes, open your arms to bend elbows to draw a line towards the center. And returns to the starting position.

More effort bench press

5, to the representatives of the'' 5. 5 of 6'' more weight, try to add 5-10%. Five representatives of rest and how much you'' 6, between 5 and 10% more weight is added.

Remo investment effort

Lamb shoulder with the palm facing forward, holding the bar. This bench with his arms extended and your heels. Bar of the scapula to the chest. For a moment, and low. The representatives'' to 5 5. Do not put anything in the bench press the same number of groups.

The plane of the scapula and the theft of Bob

Palms together, with open arms and a pair of weights of the parties, Arise, Bent elbows. You have the body to shoulder level (of Y) and an angle of 30 degrees to your hands. When the starting position and lower slowly.


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