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Saturday, 25 February 2012 at 16:00

Managing content in your web site

Some sort of well managed site ensures that your clients will keep visiting the site for updates and new information. Enticing customers is one thing but retaining them is actually another. Site management means designing a site that has a user friendly interface, has proper navigation and all features work accordingly. There is a number of content management systems available for sale today developed for the aim of easy site management.
A clean markup means the web design which is very simple, void of confusion, complies with the standards and that the structure along with the tags of the coding languages are used for the anticipated purpose.

The electricity of HTML is said to be void of clutter only when the tags are utilized sparingly, the extraneous is eliminated, and the task is actually achieved with only the markup that is needed. Attributes like inline CSS which might be needless are just shunned. This results in a design that's well organized and a certain number of.

The CSS is considered clutter free only in the event the repetition is avoided and there is optimum use of your re-use classes and inheritance whenever we can.

We can say that this web design complies with the standards when the design is validated while using the W3C standards for HTML, XML and CSS.

Why is the clean markup needed?

There is a number of reasons for adhering to the clean markup. Some of the prominent reasons are the following:

• There are many clients that want the web design to be prepared as early as possible. The designer may succumb on the pressure of delivering the online market place design and for this can compromise on the requirements of a clean markup. This could result in a design that is actually carelessly prepared.

• If the designer were to adhere to the clean markup he/she must take the future projections of the business into consideration. In the event the design is done hastily, it is only the prevailing that is given importance and not the future. When the web design becomes 3 or 4 years old it is probably going to require changes or upgrading. If clean markup is not used the upgrading or changing develop into a very difficult process.

• In the event the web design does not stick to the standards prescribed just by W3C, there are least chances that the major search engines favor you. On the contrary the web design may not be considered search engine friendly and fare badly over the search engine listing.

Areas tips for Clean Markup

• Terms that could be understood should be used to name the IDs together with CSS Classes

• The tags need to be used where they are essential the most and not everywhere. The heading in the page should have h1 indicate. Care should be taken that no other text to the page has this licence plate.

• The CSS inheritance should be put to good employ.

• The code generated by way of the WYSIWYG should be seen twice and changes made where necessary.

• The designer should not have a "will do" attitude. The website needs to figure perfectly.

• If you are running short of time this doesn't mean that you should introduce extraneous tags and inline styles.

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