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Blog / ADHD Symptoms

Wednesday, 21 September 2011 at 18:48

If you're reading this, you're quite possibly like thousands of other mothers and fathers playing the ADHD symptom guessing game right now. Your little one is easily distracted.... He can't sit still.... His teachers complain that he can't focus in class... Are these signs of ADHD or just normal childhood behaviors? Knowing when to seek out help might mean the difference between a happy and a troubled childhood.

You could treat your child's ADHD. You could do it with heavy duty stimulants or you might make use of natural treatments that support and balance the nervous system. But in order to make any decisions, you must first find out which specific behaviors are red flags and when.

Unfortunately, no single test could give you the answer: ADHD is identified by way of comparing a trend of behavior with a listing of ADHD symptoms.

You as the parent bear most of the burden of identifying whether or not your little one may have ADHD. Ask yourself: how often does the child engage in behaviors you think could possibly be ADHD symptoms? How serious are they? How long ago did they start? How have they impacted your child's life?

And no, having ADHD doesn't necessarily mean that a child has a learning disability. ADHD children actually tend to be more intelligent and more creative than other kids. But unless you address their condition, up to 70 percent of them will end up carrying their ADHD symptoms into adulthood, never reaching their fullest potential.

ADHD behaviors may come in a number of guises: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Symptoms of hyperactivity are often simplest to identify. The most recognizable ADHD signs are probably that characteristic restlessness and steady motion. Kids are often described as driven, always moving, always talking. They run and climb when they shouldn't, they fidget with their hands and feet, they squirm in their seats.

Parents frequently find it more challenging to recognize inattention and impulsivity as ADHD symptoms. The child can make careless mistakes in schoolwork and have a hard time listening. She might be easily distracted and unable to pay attention to what ever she's doing, be it schoolwork or just play. She might be forgetful and find it hard to organize activities.

Kids with ADHD will frequently have trouble with just about every task than makes them think and focus for a longer period of time. It's hard for them to wait their turn, so they frequently end up interrupting other kids' games and conversations and blurting out answers even before the question is asked.

Doctors mostly search for six ADHD signs and symptoms to have lasted for over six months. These behaviors should be severe enough to seriously hurt the child's school performance and relationships with peers.

Make no mistake about it: you must take charge of your child's well being! Understanding which behaviors are signs and symptoms of ADHD is the very first step to helping your child experience a full and healthy childhood. The 2nd step is learning how to cope with ADHD symptoms, and how to do it in a way that's going to help your child without damaging his overall health and long-term well-being.


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