Blog 2

  • u like ?

    1. Give me your number?
    2. Love me?
    3. Let me kiss u?
    5. Have dinner with me?
    6. Drive me somewhere??
    7. Take a shower with me?
    8. Be my girlfriend boyfriend?
    9. Tell me you think im cute?
    10. Buy me a drink if i didnt have money?
    11. If you take me home,would it be to your house or mine?
    12. Let me sleep in your bed?
    13. Fuck me?
    14. Put this on your blog and see what i say about you?
    15. Do you think im attractive, beautiful or sexy?
    16. Do you like my style?
    17. Do you think im funny?
    18. Do you care about me?
    19. Would you dance with me?
    20. Would you sing happy birthday to me?

  • like me ?

    1.Ur Name:
    3.Fav Color:
    4.r u a virgin?
    HERE COMES THE FUN ... ...
    1.r we frends?
    2.Do u hav a crush on me?
    3.Wuld u kiss me?
    4.wit tongue?
    5.Wuld u enjoy it?
    6.Wuld u ever ask me out?
    7.Wuld u make a move on me in the moviez?
    9.Wuld u take care ov me when Im sik?
    10.Do u want 2 tell me sumfin dat u couldnt b4?
    11.Wuld u walk on da beach wit me?
    12.If u heard a rumor about me wuld u defend or tell me?
    13.Do u or haf u talked shiet abowt me?
    14.Do u fink Im a gud person?
    15.Wuld u let me sleep wit u in da same bed
    17.Do u fink Im hot?
    18. If u culd change anythin about me -wuld u n wat?
    19.Wuld u cum ova 4 no reason jus 2 hang out?
    20.Will u post dis so I can fill it owt 4 u?
    21.wat do u r8 me outta 10?
    22.If we were da last ppkz on earth wuld we hav fun?