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    jimgangwer 16 March 2012

    Richard: Thanks for the hello. I've been finishing up the sculpture and it will be installed first week of April. Then I will be retired. Not willingly mind you, but that's what it feels like with no new stuff coming in. Spending some time working on personal work.
    Hope you are in good fettle as well and continuing with your ceramics.

    I've been doing a little CAD work for some elements of a home/build project here in Napa. It gives me practice with Sketchup (I like it a lot) and makes a bit of money in the process.

    Stay well and stay in touch.

    Carole Pellisier contact:

    I don't know what new work they are doing but Carole is very bright and works hard.

    Stay well,
    - ramoren1:
    Jim, how are you? I havent heard from you for a long time. how did the glass sculpture turn out.....and what was the link you were going to send me? never got it.... probably a little late now, but just touching base with a great artist. Hope all is well with you.

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    jimgangwer 25 September 2011

    Richard: Great stuff as usual. By any chance do you know anyone at Genesis Interior Design in LA?
    I'm sending your link to Carole Pellissier at Genesis and Randy Patton at Patton Design in the desert.
    Hope this note finds you well and stay in touch. Work still sucks. Finishing a glass sculpture for a home in the desert. I have a genius glass blower working on this piece for me. I'll send photos when it's done.


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