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male - 49 years, Panet Earth, United Kingdom
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Radfax is a primary vessel containing “sympathetic” life forms. Through the time space continuum using a specialized transcoder known as "The Filter Flask" they have been searching for the missing Keys of Harmony
Through space, the mind state detected their was a planet that contained one of the keys to harmony
Slowing down to pick up the speed of sound they noticed a white noise covered the planet.
On further inspection they found that the white noise made the key of harmony almost impossible to detect.
On landing they attempted to contact earth beings with the use of their Earth Language Vision Intensifier Satellite (E.L.V.I.S)
This sent a signal to communicate through a box shaped device situated in the corner of many living rooms.
Unfortunately many people missed this link as they could not afford the shiny dishes that plugged into there corner boxes, also at around the same time, by some freak coincidence people were out to lunch or having their …

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Radfax Radfax
Date of birth
Panet Earth (Camden)
United Kingdom
Native language
musician (Teacher)
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Hey Mister Alien Life Form .... aka ALF ? :)
Hope ur having a great intergalactic weekend ... whatever u may be up to .

Cool profile !

~ Lisa ~

posted by Heaven2K6
30 September 2006

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The 10th Annual
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Saturday 14th September 2013
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square,
Holborn, London WC1R 4RL

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