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Blog 2

  • Hints of light

    Even in the purest of lights,
    Their will always be shadows.

    Though their can be a pure dark,
    complete and utter lack of your light.
    But never fear.

    If not over looked, hints of light shine

  • Time flies, seasons change...

    As years pass by, i think of you.
    Of what we had...
    together as 2 halfs of whole.. lost..
    Time flies, seasons change.

    Separtion curses us apart.
    Far away, away from you.
    sympathy is no longer in reach..
    Time flies, seasons change.

    I watch you from distance behind..
    you've grown different from before...
    strong; and capable without my decent...
    Time flies, seasons change.

    I live you, as you wish..
    without sight; and alone..
    along this lowly path, i say this final goodbye...
    "farewell my angel."