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  • Melbourne Ladders Just Got Sexy

    Ladders Melbourne

    You might not think that ladders are all that exciting, but a number of Melbourne based business owners would say otherwise. And that's not just from businesses that sell ladders. And besides, they argue, something doesn't have to be interesting to be useful, does it?

    As ladders have become more high tech, they've gotten considerably more versatile and more user friendly.

    I remember the good ol' days when I'd help my dad carry the ladder he'd made at home. It weighed what felt like a tonne. Of course, I was only knee high to a grasshopper then, and in truth, I'm sure dad did most of the carrying.

    But I remember it being awkward to move around (the local hardware shop did quite well selling gap filler from all the dents I made in the walls) and pretty limited in its use.

    You see, because it was home made, it had been designed to either lean up against a wall, or free stand as an A-frame.

    Nowadays, most ladders are made from aluminium or fibreglass, making them quite light to carry (no need for that chiropractor's visit!). They're also more durable and weather resistant than older wooden ladders.

    But more importantly, Melbourne ladder retailers and tradespeople alike will tell you that modern ladders are much more versatile to use. And because of the use of aluminium, ladders can be transformed into a number of different uses.

    At the flick of a switch a ladder can now turn from a tall A-frame, to a shorter A-frame. For really high walls, aluminium versions can "telescope" to their full length. (Telescoping is another way of saying "extending". If you're having trouble imagining that, picture an A-frame flattened out to form one long ladder).

    But perhaps their best feature is the ability to set your ladder up along a set of stairs. If you tried to do that with an older style ladder, it would stand at an angle and be unstable and dangerous to use. But modern designs let you have one side of you're A-frame longer than the other, which makes your ladder safe and effective on stairs.

    And a more recent use of ladders (not only in Melbourne) is the use of an attic ladder. This allows you to easily and safely access and use your attic. Most people who install them use their attics as an additional storage room for their house or business.


    I'm still not sure if all this makes ladders exciting, but at least it means more of those jobs can get done around your Melbourne home. Which is sure to get your wife off your back...

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  • Heavy Engineering Jobs Are In Demand All Around The World Th

    When it comes to the construction field there are vast numbers of different jobs and job titles. One of the highest paying jobs is in the Heavy Engineering field. This job requires a lot of structural knowledge like what you would find in architecture courses, but for building bridges and other very large structures it's the engineering side of things which carries the most weight. There are many positions in this field alone that all require a lot of knowledge based around large structural bridges, drawbridges, overpasses, high rises and many other structures.

    Australia, Canada, South Africa & South America are among the top mining countries that rely heavily on skilled heavy engineering graduates and full time professionals and you will find it is one of the most rewarding careers available. With China being the largest consumer of copper and various other key mining materials, those positioned here in Australia in the heavy engineering field will be able to capitalise from this growing demand.

    When the parts needed to build a bridge are made they require heavy fabrication equipment. The beams of a bridge or large structure require gigantic pieces of metal that are pre-fabricated to interlock together and form the structure so the concrete can be poured to finish the project. The parts that are pre-fabricated are generally very large beams, cross beams and other pieces needed to make a safe structure.

    Heavy construction requires a lot of very large equipment, such as cranes, crane grillages and when building bridges over water there will be a need for barges to help put the structure together. There are many heavy construction companies around and most do a lot of travelling to do larger jobs in other cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. These are very high paying jobs in high demand and you'll find the conditions on site are brilliant with most paying for lodging, allowance for means and transportation.

    When in the heavy engineering field there are so many jobs available that one literally has the opportunity to move all over the world and work where they chose. Even in the tough shape our economy is in now there are plenty of heavy engineering job positions available all across the globe.

    Considering a position in the heavy engineering field would be a wise and bold step to take when beginning a career or furthering one's position in life. Many technical and vocational colleges and universities teach engineering courses and some specialise a particular curriculum on heavy engineering. In Australia you can even undertake a Certificate 3 in Engineering specialising in the heavy fabrication area. Taking a course such as this may take a lot of effort and hard work but the end results are well worth the effort placed to begin with.

    Many of these engineering courses teach the student how to read heavy construction blueprints and draw them as well. A student graduating this course should know how to do every job that is listed under this field including the lowest paid job in this field.

    Working in the heavy engineering industry has some pretty amazing financial rewards and the opportunities locally in Australia and all around the world make this one of the most desirable professions to head into.

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