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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 at 15:46

<b>Olympus SP-800uz is Great Camera for amateur and professional</b>

Olympus SP-800UZ 14MP Digital Camera with 30x Wide Angle Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0 inch LCD.

<b>Olympus SP-800uz Review</b>

There are so many models out there and this camera is really a good fit for those who want to just take good looking photos and videos without having to go to school to learn how to operate this camera. Once you get past the prelimanary stages of locating all of the buttons and what they do it is pretty easy to perform the functions and it will do just about anything you want it to. It’s versatility is what sells this camera as it doubles as a camera and video so you aren’t lugging around equipment when you go out on your vacations or just to the park.

The 30x zoom makes life so easy when you are on trips and can’t get close to the subject matter. We take a lot of cruises so when you are on the balcony and want to take a picture of something that is far away…no problem at all. The Panarama setting is so easy to operate that it adds another dimension to taking pictures in exotic locations. The digital age makes it so easy to take and discard photos that you like and don’t like and you end up with the ‘perfect picture’ that you wanted. 14 megapixels will ensure you never have to worry about quality of reproducing photos and since we don’t reproduce any photo over an 8×10 we know it will come out perfect.

A 4 gb chip is more than you need and gives you enough room for photos and videos. Anything more than this chip is overkill and who wants to store that many photos on a chip without D/L to a storage area? The only drawback I see on this camera is the setup where you really need to read the instructions so that you don’t end up erasing the memory of the camera instructions before you insert the chip. Our camera did not come with the instruction booklet so I had to go to the website to D/L it and then go step by step from the instructions to set it up. Very important that you follow this or you will erase the onboard camera memory…that’s a bad thing.

<b>Camera setup</b>

Set the camera date and time, time zone
and display language automatically; install
the camera instruction manual and PC
software (i:).
Do not insert SD/SDHC memory cards
before the camera setup.
Do not format the internal memory until the
camera setup is complete. Doing so will
erase the camera instruction manual and
the PC software (i:) data that are stored on
the internal memory.
Check that your computer meets the
following system requirements:
Windows XP (SP2 or later)/
Windows Vista/Windows 7
Refer to the PC software (i:) help guide for
details on how to use the PC software (i:).



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