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  • CRIME IN JOHANNESBURG CBD... Police forum members activities

    Johannesburg Central police patrole team????????

    These guys are a bunch of extorters. The day begins daily with one police forum member who poses with them at the squarte opposite the newly renovated Cambridge supermarket.

    He parks his old car obstructing every trafic awaiting pirate DVD vendors whom he victimise extorting money from some foreign passerby. where any of these vendors refuses to be victimised, he goes violent using the shambug.

    he finds his confidence and ability to victimise the public from his works with the police, taking the responsibility of carrying out activities the police will not want to be identified with because of their uniform. Nigerian shops and many Pakistanis shops are their regular visiting places where they get some extra cash daily, when you refuse to be one of their daily contributors they make life difficult for you within the negbourhood. such person becomes soft target whom the regularly threaten with different kinds of threats like: we will sent demonstrators to your shop and you will see" this is exactly the words of this police forum attendant guy who carries out police dirty works within the CBD.

    My question is what are the stipulating guideline that provides the functioning of Police and those involve with them in their forum activities and what are the limitations of thyese people in policing the community?