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female - 38 years, Cape Coast, Ghana
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I'm am easy going not hard to please willing to listen to what the other has to say about any thing.I am woman who is one of a kind.i am smart, outgoing, playful, serious, Independent, and passionate about life. Family and Romance is important to me. I am woman who values honesty and trust in life. Proud of who i am, proud of what i do, what i believes in, And what i care about. I want to be with a man whom feel safe and with whom I can trust. I Want to be with a man who treats me very special, Because that is how I will treat him also. We will Love and protect each other. We will help each other To make our individual dreams come true, and creating more dreams together! if ur interested in me and willing want to know more about me just feel free to ask any question and write me. Thanks for reading my dear one.

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Nana odoley
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Cape Coast (Central)
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Beans Designing (Artist)
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I am friendly, courteous, affectionate, respectful, and most of all a faithful person. I believe in being open and honest, loving your family, being a real friend, treating others with respect, being committed to the ones you love regardless of their actions, showing affection, doing the little things that show I care, listening before deciding, and of course true love. I love children and spending time teaching and mentoring them. In a "social" setting, I am somewhat quite and a little shy in the beginning, but I open up more and more as trust and bonds are formed. I love playing all outdoor activities, almost any sport, hiking, biking, etc. But I also like staying at home watching movies and I like cooking a lot.

Family comes before any activity. I am not arrogant nor do I think I am "better" than anyone else. I enjoy treating a man in a way so he feels like a prince. I am looking for an attractive and honest man to spend time with and get to know, friends at first... maybe more later. Looks are definitely not everything, but some physical attraction has to exist for a relationship to begin. But, just as important I do believe people become more attractive or less attractive as you get to know them. PERSONALITY is important too!! I want to have that special something deep inside that can't be described in words. You can only know what it is by experiencing it. That mutual connection between two people that is just there naturally.