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My name is Rene and I here to find people (women/men), between 10 and 100 years old ( :) ) I am looking for someone who wants to visit me, so that we can find out in reality if we can start a serious relationship and stay together ( :)) for the rest of our lifes........BUT first you have to proof that you are real, serious, honest and NOT a fake.... So, if you have serious intention and want to proof that you are real, please write an email (with photo) to me at: ...... Remember that age, outlook, color, religion is not a barriƫr for love, as long as rthe love is real.... So, to all the honest people, please write if you want to visit me ( I pay your ticket). Kisses, Rene ( )

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rene kerke
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to much to write down, but they are all nice (some a little naugthy), exciting and very romantic (like me)
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