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Blog / Advice For Choosing the Best Diet For Weight Loss

Sunday, 4 September 2011 at 14:52

More and more people are still overweight, even though there are many diets to pick from. The problem certainly isn't a lack of diets, but could it be that most diets aren't very good? The simple truth is probably that the diets aren't given enough time to work as people don't normally stick with them. But, by picking a diet that's best for your specific needs you'll probably stick with it for longer.

No matter what diet you choose, you have to be aware of what you're eating every day. It is definitely easy to lose track of what you've consumed throughout the day and the calories in it all, which includes snacks and drinks, even though it doesn't sound too difficult. This is why starting a food journal is a good idea, as you can write down everything you consume, regardless of its size. You'll probably be surprised by all of the little things that slip in after a couple of weeks. Really you may not be counting everything, even though you think you're sticking to your diet. You can stick to any diet, or at least see if you're cheating, with a food journal. The DASH Diet came up top in the rankings from a fairly recent comparison of different diets, conducted by World Report Magazine and U.S. News. The DASH Diet is one that doctors often recommend to their patients because it's designed to not only help you lose weight, but also to lower your blood pressure and make you healthier in general. Sodium is kept low on this diet and it mainly focuses on fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Additionally it makes you more aware of certain important nutrients that you need in your diet each day, like magnesium, calcium and potassium.

A lot of experts recommend going on a vegan or vegetarian diet for losing weight and keeping healthy. A vegetarian diet is one that excludes meat, but may include animal products such as eggs or dairy; a vegan diet goes further and eliminates all animal products. There are lots of websites, books and articles out there arguing for both opinions of whether vegan diets or vegetarian diets are healthier. Some people don't do well on these types of diets, others do. If you happen to try such a diet then keeping an eye on how many calories you consume, as well as carbs, is important. It's possible, for example, to stop eating meat but to fill up on pasta, bread and sweets, and this won't help you lose weight. While only the vegetarians must look for alternative protein sources, both meat eaters and vegetarians should try to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Every diet is different for everyone, there is not one diet that's best for all. For one thing, you have to be patient and give the diet a chance to work. The best way to keep the weight off is by losing it gradually, extremely low calorie diets are usually considered as being unhealthy.




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