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My name is Megan. im pretty shy around people i dont know. but once i know you..your like pshh who ever said she was shy? ha.
I love to make ppl laugh and smile, so i am constantly making a fool of myself in order to do so....tis great fun being me!
I don't care what ppl think of me, so if u don't like me, then i am happy that u think of me enough to dislike me :) Hahaha....
Iм נυѕт мє... αиd тнαтѕ αll ι cαи вє.. Nσ мσяє..иσ lєѕѕ..иσ 2иd gυєѕѕ.. I lαυgн..ι lσνє..ι lινє..ι cяу.. Aиd ѕσмє тιмєѕ ι ωιѕн ι ωσυld dιє.. Sσмє dαуs ιм fυииу σтнєяѕ ιм иσт.. Sσмє тιмєѕ ιм ιи σνєяdяινє αиd ι cαит ѕтσρ.. Yσυ мαу иσт lιкє мє вυт тнαтѕ σк.. Tнιѕ ιѕ мє αиd тнιѕ ιѕ нσω ιll ѕтαу..
When people are upset, i never know what to say, but i try to cheer them up :)! …

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megan mccartney
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goin out with my mates nd jus havin fun
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cheers huni xxx

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2 September 2007

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Oooh DO THis iTs FuNi !!
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