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    IF YOU WERE TO REALLY UNDERSTAND THIS….you would understand it is not so mystifying

    First I want someone to show me a law of physics
    that prevents contact with a species millions of years
    ahead of us. Truth be told there is nothing that even
    remotely prevents it. Th ere is no law of physics that
    prevents a species more advanced making contact
    with us.
    If you go back in history, Albert Einstein revealed a lot
    about how the universe works. In order to understand
    alien technology we must first refer back to the man
    that brought to light the theory of relativity. Albert
    Einstein revealed the basics of his theory of relativity
    the most common formula was: (E=MC2) He revealed
    the space was a vast mass and that the heavier the
    object was it would bend space.
    The theory of relativity, or simply relativity, refers
    specifically to two theories of Albert Einstein: special
    relativity and general relativity. However, “relativity”
    can also refer to Galilean relativity.

    a spacecraft that has been downed
    in a desert is a cheat sheet for advanced physics..

    Want to learn more get to the truth

    Our brothers on the skies


    This is a review of this product that is the best affordable out there here is the specifications on it:

    * SUPER FAST Intel Pentuim M 1.83GHZ Processor!


    * 1 GB (1024 M:)
    * 2 DIMM Slots

    Hard Drive:

    * 40 GB Store lots of Music and programs on this very large 40GB Hard Drive

    Optical Drive:

    * DVD/CDRW Combo Drive
    * Play Music CD’s, Burn Music CD’s, Watch Movie DVD’s.


    * Original Microsoft Windows XP COA affixed to the computer
    * Office Professional Package (MS Office Compatible)
    * Anti-Virus Software


    * Integrated 10/100 Network Interface, allows you to connect to Hi-Speed (DSL) Internet & Network with Other Computers
    * Built in 56.6k Modem for Dial up Internet
    * Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics
    * Integrated Sound with Stereo Output
    * Four USB 2.0 (two front and six rear)
    * 1 VGA out
    * PCmcia Slot
    * Touchpad
    * stereo line-in
    * speakers/line-out
    * headphone (front)
    * Battery Included.

    I could not believe the price it is affordable and now since we live in the information highway it is the perfect gift. I highly recommend this

    You can check it out right here:


  • Apple iBook Laptop, Mac OS X Tiger, Wi-Fi, DVD/CD-RW

    I am not too much into Apple Mac Books but I came across this deal and i was browsing the specifications on it and it seems for the price it would make a great starter computer or for that matter a great computer to get a kid.Lets face it kids are not really the best on taking care of things so this deal was right for it.

    Here are the specifications

    Item specifics – Apple Laptops
    Condition: Used Processor Type: PowerPC G3
    Product Family: iBook Processor Speed (per Core): 600 MHz
    Screen Size: 14 inch Processor Configuration: Single Core
    Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger Memory (RAM): 640 MB
    Primary Drive: CD-RW/DVD Combo Hard Drive Capacity: 20 GB


    It is a great deal and for this review i would give it a thumbs up on the price cause we all know how expensive computers are now a days and it is not too often we run across deals like this

  • America Get Back To Work


    OK What Happened to America? Do we truly have to be the flakes we are? Truly it appears to me that no one realizes that “WE THE PEOPLE” control the economy it is not controlled as one would think. Here is the truth if everyone is working, then everyone is spending. If everyone is spending, then the money is circulating, if the money is circulating then the economy is flourishing.

    We have to get back to work we need the money and it is true i have personally interviewed literally hundreds of people out of the 18,000 people that is working online and making great money which means if you tried and it didnt work it is you not the system cause the system is not rocket science it is common sense.

    There are more jobs than home based but the reality is that we the people can do this.

    There is a lot of scams but there are a lot of real deals and if it didn’t work for you it is you cause it takes common sense which unfortunately in today’s society it is not so common.

    Click the link and apply we need to get the country back to work. oh and by the way if you truly believe that you don’t have to pay to get a great job I have news for you…THAT’S A LIE!!!!! I had to pay $39.00 for my finger prints, $300.00 for my license, then an additional $360.00 for all the equipment i needed and that’s before i even started work. HERE IS REALITY WAKE UP IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY that is the system you so wanted corporate America under Ronald Regan remember well buck up get back to work and let’s fix our economy and show them we run things.