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Blog / A Purely natural Alternative Tactic To Restoring Your Eye-si

Tuesday, 27 March 2012 at 02:26

The eyes don't function just by themselves. They are like a couple of pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the eyes being a few pieces and the entire puzzle being your visual system as a whole impacting and being influenced by the intellect, spirit and conscience.

The visual system's entire parts the muscles that control the eyes and the eyes themselves, the optic nerve that sends impulses to the brain and the visual cortex; have to perform as part of a whole and not just one piece at a time, and as a result demand much co-ordination as well as precision to perform at their greatest. Considering that it is a real vulnerable system it is quite easily thrown out of harmony and its functioning impacted by apparently small factors like weakness and tension, whether or not it is mental, physical or emotional. Nutritional standards also play an important role in determining the functioning of your visual system.

For the above reasons, achieving how to improve your eyesight involves more than just addressing your physical eyes as you do with glasses/contacts/surgery. It involves the following.

1. Physical eyesight
2. Inner seeing
3. Emotional vision

1. Physical eyesight involves more than just 20/20 vision. In truth there are 3 important sight skills.

In the first step, your mind does the job of filtering out unnecessary information from your total field of view and allows you to focus on what you decide to focus on. This acts as the first skill - balance between central and peripheral vision, or peripheral awareness.

Next, is the act of focusing itself, which is carried out in result of a signal from your brain. This is the next step - Convergence or Binocularity

Thirdly, the ciliary muscles in your eyes contract to change the shape of the jelly lens so you can see the object clearly. (SKILL THREE: Accommodation/Focusing)

For all the above to work, the eye musculature must be in good working order, being relaxed and supple.

Imperfect vision arises from an inability to focus. Not merely because your eyes' lenses are not working from overusage, but rather from stress, tension and fatigue, which affect the musculature in and around your eyes and the signaling from your brain. It can also lead to other difficulties.. Some of the more common such difficulties are: headaches, eye strain, nausea and generally feeling unwell.

2. Inner vision has a multitude of different components: dreams, memory, attitudes, imagination. Training your inner vision and mind's eye will take you miles beyond 20/20, by improving your concentration, imagination, memory and ability to visualize and think creatively. By enhancing your mind you will find that your inner thoughts will generally become more productive. You very attitudes about who you feel you are and what you deserve can change, simply by taking control of the images you place in your mind.

3. Emotional seeing speaks about our recognition of the eyes as both a way to express how we feel and a way to connect to other people. By improving your vision through a holistic approach, you will in effect, improve your ability to express yourself fully with your eyes, allowing us to be open to a deeper connection to others and to give and receive more easily and fully.

You often get problems with your eyesight when you are stressed out, and also - in the long term - when you develop poor visual habits. Some of the conditions you can get from stress and poor visual habits include near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism.

Optical lenses are an excellent non-curative way to enable you to see. They sort of act like an aid - a sort of crutch that you come to rely on. However they do not attack the root cause of the problem. Instead, you find yourself wearing thicker and thicker lenses over time as your vision deteriorates further and further.

Since glasses are not the solution and surgery is expensive and unsafe, your best best, is to take the whole-body approach and allow your eyes to be healed through a system of carefully designed eye exercises and routines that are designed to repair your eyesight to its former glory. Click the following link to discover more Vision Therapy Exercises



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