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♥I'm not perfect, but i'm always ME. haterz love me. the littlest things make me laugh, and it's not hard to please me. i'm free-spirited and open minded. i'm strong and determined. i love to look at the stars. im crazy about pretty eyes. i'm a textaholic. i always give my best shot at everything. i've done things i wouldnt do again. i've made mistakes in life, but i dont regret anything; it's always a simple lesson learned. i'm loud and crazy, my friends are everything to me. i judge people but H A T E when they judge my friends or myself. boy talk is what im good at. i try to get good grades, but i stress over everything. i have big dreams, i take to many pictures. i'm just a girl. && that's all i wanna be♥
♥my life is some what s p e c i a l. :)

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