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Sunday, 4 November 2012 at 23:51

But to give CityVille it's dues they have pitched it just right - it's not easy but it is certainly entertaining and absorbing. The graphics are amazing, you can get a fully rotatable 3D graphic of any building in the game - which for a Facebook game is an astounding feat of coding - and they look darned good as well! Gameplay The gameplay is basic but interesting - with the right balance of farming, collectibles and new stuff to keep one hooked for a long time. It is amazing how addictive it is to try get another collectible before logging off - though to find them all you need a real CityVille Facebook Guide!

There are numerous tricks to running a good city (and they are nice enough to give pop ups with Cityville game hints) - like most versions of Facebook games it is a manner of juggling collecting money, building new buildings, managing timers and organising friends who also play to help you out. In fact that social aspect is vital to CityVille (which almost every Cityville Facebook Guide agrees with) - certain buildings will have a 'solo play' tax if you haven't got friends that can help you out... so make sure that you get inviting when you do sign up! There are plenty of other bonuses for this as well. Between the Facebook interface and Zynga's toolbar you can get tons of freebies of friends who are also playing, as well as certain collectibles and collaborations that would otherwise not be possible.

<b>The Big Picture:</b>
<br>CityVille is a great and thoroughly addictive game that will have you coming back to grow your headquarters, start a franchise and much, much more - even scouring Google for Cityville game hints has become a proper pastime of mine). Whilst best played with friends almost everyone will get a kick out of the game, even in the more taxing (literally) solo play. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.

It is not unusual that Facebook games crash in a lot of PCs. Most people believe that their computers are infected with some virus or spyware which is stopping them to play online games. However, in reality this problem is caused by the internal problems of the Windows and the programs installed in the computer. We all know that to play the multimedia content on web the most important application we use is the Shockwave Flash player. The same player operates in many of the games running in Facebook. To fix the games crashing in Facebook you will need internally tune up your Windows.

Here are given a few simple steps which will help you if Facebook games crash in your PC:

<b> Repair Active-X, Flash and Other Registry Errors: </b> There occurs a lot of errors in the Windows registry which is a database containing hundreds of thousands of registry entries required to run programs properly. Most of the times the games crash in Facebook because of the problems with the Flash player. It is recommended to repair active-x, flash and other registry errors with some efficient registry repairing tool.

<b> Flash Player Compatibility: </b> Sometimes users are not aware that they are running that version of Shockwave Flash player which is not compatible with their Windows/Browsers. For details, log onto Flash games developer in UK.
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