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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 at 09:49

Do you want to be able to determine men? Do you realize that there are certain facts about men that can help you receive a better understanding about how they think? Would you like to know why men have this type of difficult time expressing their feelings? It's been said that to understand a man is to love him. Since understanding him is almost harder than loving him, the more information about men you've when you need it the better.

*A man needn't be emotionally attached to have sex with a woman. Actually, he doesn't even need to know your name, to wish to possess sex, so long as you are physically attractive to him. Women are very different for the most part. Women consider it making love to some man's having sex. They need some emotional attachment for sex to become meaningful. If you don't want to have sex with a man, tell him why don't you.

If you feel those are interesting, here are a couple of more information about men that will help you come with an even better knowledge of them.

*Men are usually very literal when it comes to understanding what one is telling them. If you say, everything is okay however, you say it sadly, a woman will immediately ask what's wrong. A guy need that things are okay because you've said it was.

erkegi kendine baglamak

Due to the way men interpret what women say, we often think males are bad listeners. We feel they don't pay attention to what we should are actually saying. We want them to peel back the layers of our message so we don't have to spell it out. But a guy wants things spelled out for him. He really wants to know exactly that which you mean. Take him out of his misery and tell him.

*Men are not emotional. They feel uncomfortable when feelings or emotions show up in a conversation. It's largely because they do not know how to handle feelings in the same way that women do.

They realize that if you're crying, you're unhappy, if you're smiling you're probably happy so if you feel shouting, you're upset and angry. They "get" these feelings because they can see them. It's tougher for them when feelings are not expressed as directly. If you want a man to know how you are feeling, you'll probably need to explain it to him.

* Men need to be your decision maker, even if they're not. They need to believe what they're doing is the choice and not simply because they need to. For those who have your heart set on going to see a chick flick at the show, telling him he needs to get you is not going to work. You'll have to word your request carefully so that he feels he's deciding to get you.

Men - you can't do without them but sometimes you can't live with them. Hopefully this information about men will help bridge the space between women and men.



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