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female - 27 years, United States
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  • 58

    petervaczovsky 13 March 2012

    hi, hun/ u havta excuse me, i keep forgettin' i'm on this site/ so, b-day coming up? kewl! :) u have a happ b-day and party the town down! :) :) muah!

  • 28

    Kipngeticharap 3 October 2011

    Hi, u look grt, what a nice photo

  • 78

    willietorok 2 October 2011

    Hi" You look very cute and are happy, not to mention classy. I don't know what I'm doing here as I don't even know how I got here but I got to see your picture and invitation on netlog and so here I am and I would be more than happy to entertain being your friend even though you are in California and I am in Ohlio. willie

  • 49

    gillanrice 2 October 2011

    Hay! you were on my page and you didn't leave me any message, is it that I'm not what you are looking for, let me be sincere with you, I'm not here looking for flirt, or a liar. People come into your life and they make impact, and bring in a change of a life time, so maybe you are just one of those that comes and don't leave any impact. To tell you the true I think you are too old for the age you claim to be here, learn to be sincere with yourself, than you can impact in others the true virtue of kindness.

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    auto135161 26 September 2011

    nice photo