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female - 26 years, batemans bay, Australia
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i have a weakness for guys who look bad but are good
i dont do drugs or cigarettes but i dont mind alcohol.
i love art more than alot of things its my one big way to express myself i love photography, tattoo art. painting and drawing
im way to emotional (at times), trusting, conceited and generous
im insecure about myself and im worried about people getting the wrong impression of me
im in NO way a slut!
i HATE when people have hair in other areas other than there head and face leg hair on guys i dont mind as much though
i belive in love at first sight and Love in general but i also belive that most people fall into lust faster and are just blinded by there hope and needs that they forget there 'luvers' flaws and then relize that they dont love the person when they slowly relize all the thing that were soooo cute. now bug the shit out of them and they cant wait to get away from that person
love does not = heartbreak
Lust = heartbreak
love is just lust in disguise …

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batemans bay (New South Wales)
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