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male - 28 years, Grahamstown, South Africa
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Blog 2

  • Responsibility

    As a young adult I am faced with many challenges which requires me to make certain decisions. These decisions may not all be at my best interest or well-being, however I have to make them anyway. Decision making is a very easy subject, I can do it all day. The hard part about decisions is the responsibility embedded in them. The word responsibility scares many of us young adults. It seems as if its a grown up word applicable mainly to our parents or older people. For every right or wrong decision taken, there's a responsibility to carry out your decision. That is being responsible.

  • The feeling of being lost in thought

    It may be a surprise to some that one can be lost in thought even though it is not easy to notice. I'm not trying to sound vague by being lost in thought, but I would like to share something which, hopefully, will open up some eyes. Whenever you think you are at the best of your game the adverse may be actually happening.

    For some time now I have been asking myself some rhetoric questions. The thing about rhetoric questions is that you don't get the truth out of them, and by that I mean you can never be fully satisfied with the answers on your mind. By failing to be fully satisfied, one begins to undermine the depth of the knowledge he possess. This is what is bothering me right now. I am fully aware that 'there is no limit to knowledge', but what is the use of acquiring it if you will not reach a point of full knowledge. There is a saying that says, "curiosity is a source of knowledge." My first year lecture once asked us to read into the nature of knowledge itself (Epistemology). I was quite surprised with what I had found out with regard to the subject. Everything we think we know could/couldn't be what it really is. It said knowledge or what we know is a result of what we have been told, experienced or seen happening. this brings me to another point of confusion, where does knowledge come from?

    This may seem a bit philosophical in ones view point. but this is what I have been trying to find out by trying to acquire more knowledge on various things apart from the nature of knowledge yet I haven't been fully satisfied with most of my findings. I'm lost in thought.