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Blog / Jack Bosch and John Lane Tax Sale Overages Program

Sunday, 3 February 2013 at 12:38

The truth is not covered is you have to get software to allow you to get ranked with Googletm. So users must shell out a monthly subscription for the tools. Now, the expense will usually come to in excess of a hundred bucks monthly, with no solid evidence that the user will even get ranked. Additionally, don’t be fooled - if users are unable to get page one positioning, users don’t get traffic. No traffic or low traffic translates to users make zero commission.
Also,the search method changes practically by the minute. Google™ is changing methods they rank you practically daily. So the system that gets you ranked now sucks tomorrow. We can’t recommend the fast cash commission system to anyone wanting a business that will last. 
First up is the hooked on overages course. It's offered by Rick Dawson and well known.. Great system strong materials. The program teaches folks how to get overages from tax sale foreclosures. But, these overages are not plentiful. That is due to the fact that most of the municipal foreclosures need to be either unencumbered or have to have had a mortgage company that didn't respond to the county's notification of the impending tax foreclosure. . But that's not the worst of it. To continue, the cost for the course is a yikes inspiring $1700+ - yes, American... 
The much ballyhood short sale riches program. Neat program. But look, it is still a short sale program. There's nothing new in short sales, as it is just attempting to be a middleman and creating margin. Cool twists, but you're chasing a sought after, finite number of deals. Also, short sales are very difficult. Don't forget that you're negotiating with the foreclosing entity that has to turn around and cut a deal with any other debt holder behind them. However, if the bank choose to foreclose instead, the mortgage company doesn't have to deal with other lien or mortgage holders. This one is also pricey, at almost a thousand bucks. Don't forget that even with a low amount of money down for earnest money, you have to have a lot of lines in the water to get a deal to fly, so there can be substantial out of pocket. 
The deed grabber. This program is by Rick Dawson.. Deals with purchasing deeds from owners prior to tax foreclosure. Love the materials, the concept and the asking price. BUT, it works only in trust deed states and you do in fact have to flip the property. You own the property - however cheap - and still have all the headache associated with ownership. And, the idea that you can buy a deed for a few hundred bucks. Most cases, speaking from experience, that is unrealistic. Good bit of info, combining a number of systems. But about a grand for this? Yikes. Maybe a nice re-packaged way to extend sales and audience?  
Mr. John Lane's tax sale lists program. It's a good program for tax sale investing. This is well written, detailed. Two big issues though. Forty dollar monthly subscription not mentioned. And there's a lot of complaints about attempted back end up selling.


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