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  • 1Shoppingcart Review - Online Shopping Cart Software

    1Shoppingcart has been a very long time volume leader within the online shopping cart software world. When you are the incumbent volume leader is actually never a static condition when discussing anything within the high tech world.

    So let's take a detailed check out the bowels of the software, so you can better understand the entire process and complete a full 1Shoppingcart review.

    There are several aspects to the system therefore it is important to review from a 30,000 foot vantage point, and then we'll drill deeper and review the details of each module.

    Firstly you will need to understand the difference between the basic online shopping cart systems. Essentially there are 2 types of technologies:

    Buy Now Button - Fraxel treatments operates independently of the website, and only comes into play whenever a web visitor actually clicks on the "buy now" button or link.

    Template System - This type of technology actually becomes your site with your products and website control residing inside the shopping cart system.

    1Shoppingcart uses the "buy now" button technology, which type of online shopping cart product is best suited for websites having a high content to product ratio. Quite simply, if you have 1 product and a full page of text or videos / audios to explain the product and highlight the advantages, then this kind of technology is suitable to your business.

    However, if you're selling a large number of "generic" name brand products that simply require a sentence of text, an image and price, then you would likely be better off with a template system.

    If you have cleared that decision point, the first thing you'll want to do is to have a shopping cart software to sell your items. The basic shopping cart aspect of 1Shoppingcart is very robust, and is easily associated with your website or blog or anything thing else using a simple hyperlink. Easy to create, easy to integrate, easy to manage.

    1Shoppingcart allows you to perform recurring payments together with your products, but to use this function you will need to have a payment processor apart from PayPal as 1Shoppingcart doesn't allow recurring billing via PayPal.

    If you choose their Professional version, or pay an additional fee along with the basic version, additionally, you will have the ability to perform a post sales up sell in order to sell more what to your customers. This type of an up sell is often referred to as a "one time offer". Up selling is definitely an amazingly simple approach to earning more revenue per customer, and it is a highly advised business practice both offline and online.

    To date, 1Shoppingcart only offers a post sales up sell, and not a pre-sales and post sales up sell process. Getting the post sales up sell product is a good function, however the best shopping carts now provide the ability, and flexibility, to perform the following:

    Pre-sales up sell (up sell happens before the customer gets to the initial checkout) Post sales up sell (up sell happens following the initial revenue checkout) Pre-sales and post sales up sells in the same check out process. When you can offer a pre-sales up sell and a post sales up sell, after that you can do a "soft" sale before the customer completes their initial take a look at, and then a far more aggressive post sales up sell with 1 click take a look at after they have already purchased their initial selection(s).