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  • :P

    OMG had a mad night out sat night they always say the ones that you dont plan are the best! went out with a good m8 georgie for a few drinks and a dance ended up meetin loadsa mates! just what i needed been feeling really crappy past few days and it cheered me up loads somehow i went home with some fella's belt (no fella attached :) ) and a xmas tree decoration (this early????!!!) xx

  • :)

    Good evening very tired tonight all work and no play!!!
    Its been pretty dull this week most of us still getting over friday night, i havent heard from one of em since we saw him danving with a strange girl if you are readin this mate get in touch with us we'r worried if your the strange girl let him go love he aint a machine xxx

  • :)

    I'm in a fantastic mood today aint been work had my hair done been shopping and going on a night out wiv the girls, had a crappy few days though been poorly :) and they made me go into work!!!!! Bit gutted though my mates going back to work in france next week for 6months gunna miss the guy we was running the pub together had such a laugh so bye bye mate we'll have a good drink tonight tho !!! xxxx

  • !

    Good aftrenoon just started to feel human again after last night! my mates bought down some skittle vodka?! was too nice had half the bottle and everything else in sight really regrettin it now! how much mess do you make drunk i got crisps on the floor nocked an ashtray over clothes everywhere! oh well im going to get ready for tonight lol x

  • 15th oct

    hello again,
    had a well busy weekend still running this bloody pub im shattered really want a night out and i cant leave the place. The guy im living with at the mo is doing my head in. I honestly dont know how couples can live together it would do me in (or id do him in!!!!) Ahhh well got a good night out with my mates planned when i finish in Leic!

  • hmmmm

    Hello, i really aint got a clue what im meant to write so i spose i'll tell you what i did yesterday. The managers at the pub i work at have gone away for two week so im stopping over with the chef running it, it was so much easier than i thought i think i got away with doin two hours work yesterday!!!!!!!! then stayed up till 4am drinking. Bit nakered tho this morning and cant be bothered to do much if fact even typing this is wearing me out
    c-ya xx :)