addo opare's interview

About me

I am intelligent, passionate, sensual, affectionate, funny, honest, witty and nurturing: there are many sides to my personality. My life has been a wild and at times bumpy ride, (Oh, the stories you will hear! LOL!) but it’s made me stronger and smarter.I don’t obsess about little things anymore, and never take any of my loved ones for granted. Even though I can take care of myself, I long for a partner in life who will care for me as I care for him. Life is so much better when shared by a kinded.I love the beach and the power of the ocean. Shopping, flea markets, various types of shows and fairs, art, music, historical places: I'm open to many adventures. I have found that I can be happy doing just about anything, as long as I'm with that special person.till then picture me rolling!!!!!

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