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my name is paige, people call me paigey waigey but i dont like when they do.:)
i love to play sports(mostly hockey) its what i live for.i like hanging out with friends and going places.
im kinda in a relationship but still like other people. im very sarcastic and can be very annoying if i want to. im ugly and everyone knows it. i dont care much about life or care if i die 2morro, i dont have many fears and i dont really beleive in anything. im my own person and i wont change for anyone else but me.

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paige farah-gordon-parker-- wall
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Halifax (Nova Scotia)
playing hockey and playing hockey
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In a relationship
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omg! its paige! paige is awsome! she gave me a browny! it was very good! yummy! :)

posted by Coley848
17 May 2007

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