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female - 29 years, liverpool, United Kingdom
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hello my name is chantal ill keep this short and sweet. im kind of bored at the mo thats why im doing this but actually having said that i would like to A- chat to some friends on this i already know and B- possibly make some new friends too!!! why not hey!~ I love music more than pretty much anything else. i have been in a relationship for about 18 months and v happy and i have a great family which includes my lovely ickle niece Tamarton and nephew Tallinn!! currently im out of work/study and i just chill most of the time - o yes and now im finally learning guitar!! yay. thats me.

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chantal pauline
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liverpool (Liverpool)
United Kingdom
doing stuff that will save the world, or not.
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hey im claire louise hope you are ok and i hope we can be friends?

here is my email/msn addy if you would like it

I am also on bebo its

hope to hear from you soon

posted by friendsforeverxxx
11 April 2007

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