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    Protecting Your Children Online

    Children like to explore and push parents to the limit, so being a policeman while they surf the internet will probably bring the wrong results. Is there a way to not watch them all the time, but still protect them? As long as you communicate with your children, and build trust, they will know how to avoid trouble, or tell you about it. Looking over someone's shoulder or spying is not necessarily a very good way to give guidance. The rest of this article will offer help for giving your children a measure of freedom when they are online, and also give them some protection.

    Internet access can be found all over the place, so protecting your child can be a big job. So you have to think about more than your home computer when you want to monitor what your kids are doing on the internet. When you are concerned about your children and their computer usage, the biggest concern might come from unsupervised time spent at the houses of their friends, and talking with the parents might not do any good. It is a good idea to find out what kind of precautions the schools take in protecting your children when they have access to the internet while on school property. There should be an assigned amount of time they are able to surf the web. You can take charge of this approach, or you can buy the software to help you put your regulations in place. There are several advantages to this approach. You can prevent your kids from going online at certain times when you might not be there to watch them. This will allow some of the unnecessary web time to be spent where it should be, on schoolwork and physical activity. You can figure that the more time they waste on the computer; the more apt they may be to find mayhem.

    Predators who seek out children online may do so in many different environments, but the most likely place they'll be lurking is chatrooms. You will almost certainly have a predator contact you, if you are a child going into a chatroom, as reported by the FBI. There are many parts of modern life that are not only sad, but true as well. Young children don't know enough to keep from being taken advantage of, so without parental supervision, they should not be allowed in a chatroom. When children go to an online chatroom, they should be especially careful of anything they hear, and even more careful of the information they reveal to others when online. Contacting children through AOL Instant Messenger is the next most likely place for finding predators, besides chatrooms, so this is another place to checkout. While it's important to pay attention to what your kids are doing online, it's not something you should worry about to an unhealthy degree. Protection is always needed for children, and the internet is simply an additional place where they need to be watched over. If you follow the guidelines we've covered in this article, and place some sensible limits on your kids' internet usage, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.