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male - 27 years, Kansas City, United States
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My name is Leon i like 2 party, hang out with friends, listen 2 musis, watch movies, scare people lol, but my 3 favorite things 2 do are box, learn new fighting styles, and train, i've loved fighting since i was 3 and my dream is 2 be in ufc thats all i can really think 2 put right now but if u want 2 know more just ask

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Leon B
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Kansas City (Kansas)
United States
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full contact fighting (Student)
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boxing,listining to music,hanging with friends
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I fancy

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- rullinurway:
lol whats up man how is every thing? dont need me 2 bring my pistole and whack any1 do u

idk mabe wayne because he broke my thumb jk it wasnt his fault

posted by leontheviper
20 November 2007

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anyone feels like talking i'll talk to you i like meeting new people and im not an asshole

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