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Tuesday, 1 January 2013 at 11:14

So you've finally established you own band after countless hours of singing, banging, and strumming to different musical tunes. And you realize you'll still don't have a band name or maybe your current band name just stinks and does not make a good impression of the musical genius that the band is. Every band finds their very own method to finding the perfect band name like a band name generator or some sort.
Creating your band name is like making a brand. Developing a great reputation for your band is an effective method of marketing. A band name generator may also be a big help in finding one. Aside from ensuring people will remember you, it also provides them a concept of what sort of genre of music you play. A good band names gives people an impact.
The following lists will guide you locate an interesting band name:
•Random Words. A dictionary can be a good band name generator. Bands like Incubus, REM, and Evanescence randomly found words in the dictionary to produce a unique interesting name for their bands. It would also help to list your favourite words for reference or choose a random word and misspell it like Limp Bizkit. They are able to nouns like flowers like snap Dragon or a food like the in demand chilli peppers or the black eyed-peas. You may also look it up on books which have unique titles like Good Charlotte.
• Pop Culture. Popular culture can be a very good reference. The Veruca Salt was taken from the book Charlie and also the Chocolate Factorie.
•Use the Initials of Each Band Member. Make use of your initials, ABBA stands for Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn, and Anni-Frid.
•Think of names which has significance for you. You may also name it following a significant place like Linkin Park or Cypress Hill.
•Derive it From Your Bands Musical Style or Something In which you're interested generally.
•Product Names. AC/DC’s band name was adopted a sewing machine where AC/DC was printed meaning Alternating Current/Direct Current.
•Use Name of Persons. Whether you like them or otherwise, using names of individuals can be as effective as using other names originating from places or items like Ross Avenue or Blue Jane.

band name ideas

Additional Tips in Creating your Band Name:
•Avoid name that do not apply to your band. It is okay to be random as long as it is related to your music.
•It is okay to make use of funny names as long as it makes sense before utilizing it.
•Plural names are clichéd. Avoid making the words plural.
•Make it unique. Consider you bands domain for a potential website. Those with available domains have better web presence.



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