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Well, I'm five feet five inches of bbw caribbean gal. Have curly short brown/auburn hair and hazel-yellow eyes. I collect comics and anime DVd, I'm a horror/sci-fi fanatic (also asian cinema), love mythology, poetry, classic literature and modern too, I also cosplay my current project is explained in my blog section.

I'm also on facebook!!! (look for Zamanta de jesus caraballo)!

Thanks for reading my profile, see ya online. :)

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Hello Dear,

Is nice meeting you in netlog as i demand your urgent assistance to move some fund out of our bank for our disbursement.

I am Raphael Hougbendji, a banker and the account officer Mr. Thompson Edward, Norwegian who died (with his entire …

posted by hougbendji
9 July 2013

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Concerts coming to Puerto Rico!!!!!

:) Gotta love the Choli!!! (Jose Miguel "cholito" Agrelot Concert Hall at San Juan)

For now the only concerts that gather my interest are;

- Ivy Queen (with a lot of guest singing with her) Awesome and affordable!!!! $30

- …

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