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Tuesday, 8 May 2012 at 01:05


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One of the best ways to improve not only your prostate health, but also your overall health is to find a multi-vitamin supplement for men that contains the 3 nutrients above, in conjunction with natural herbs, enzymes, vitamins and minerals..
High Homocysteine levels are a strong indicator of disease risk, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and very many other diseases..
This is where the common term of "enlarged prostrate" arises..
The phytochemicals found in beta-sitosterol support prostate health in men..
As you remove the seeds from the pumpkin, put the seeds in the water..

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Symptoms of an enlarged prostate1.
Saw palmetto, an herb that is fairly inexpensive to come by, has long been thought to provide great benefit to men with an enlarged prostate, and to help continue prostate health.
I think it went down because I was taking an herbal supplement called Saw Palmetto.
It's a topic that most men over the age of forty try to avoid discussing with their doctor, the topic of an enlarged prostate and what problems it can cause.

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