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:) To start with, I would like to call myself a man of moods.. Little moody type but you people can have a lot of fun with me ..
Though i appear to be strong and hard , iam sensitive in nature. I have nothin gr8 that needs to be highlighted, but i love things like making lots of friends through out my life .I am an egoist due to which i am pushed back on many occasions.Im very much crazy about computer action games .. I while my time away humming songs and dreaming in my own dream land of euthopia. People always say they cant understand me, but the truth is that i myself cant predict my next. I like enjoying life in a carefree manner.I assume myself to be a good martial artist and a Gangster. I am someone different, and am proud to be so.Just cant describe myself in this column. Be my friend and know me more .. yours kowshick

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Sreecharan hindupuram
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Chennai (Andhra Pradesh)
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Student (Student)
cooking, Singing songs
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I've been through a lot, I'm having a break
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